Science Syllabus

Science Syllabus & Safety Contract Made Simple!

Science Syllabus

Over the years, I have revamped my syllabus and safety contract multiple times. And most of what I put on it came from my own experience as a student. It was so jammed pack to cover everything possible for many years. However, eventually I realized that my students and parents didn’t read it, even though they both signed it. I also spend a lot of class time reviewing these in class. BORING!! But, I also found it necessary so students knew my expectations and how to be safe so we could have fun in science. Then it dawned on me, I had made it to complicated and went back to the drawing board. So, what did I come up with? 

First, only include what is absolutely necessary. When I really asked myself what students and their families need to know it boiled down to just a few things. The most important was really how students and families can communicate with you and get access to important information for your class.

Sample Syllabus

Lab Safety is critical in science. I knew I had to teach students how to be safe in class, but there were really THREE major pieces that students and families needed to be aware which included preventing harm, using lab materials and what to do if there is an accident or unsafe situation. Note here that I did include a clause for failure to follow lab safety. 

Here is what I found to be the most important things for my Science Syllabus & Lab Safety Contract. What’s even more awesome, it all fits on one page!



Lab Safety Contract

  • Contact Information
  • Class Website
  • How to get help
  • Science Materials
  • Grading
  • Signatures (student/guardian)
  • Prevention Methods
  • Use of materials
  • In the moment of accident

Looking for a more simple way for a science syllabus and lab safety contract or a new teacher trying to get started. Please visit my TPT Store to get your own customizable Science Syllabus.  It was created in PowerPoint so that it is easily editable to fit your needs. I hope this helps take one thing off your TO DO List!!

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